Office Profile

Architectural firm NCArchitects is managed by Nir and Nili Chen, graduates of the Technion. The firm specializes in the design of residential, commercial, and public buildings.

We believe that the first step of each project is to find the right connection to the  public interest. Expanding the planning beyond the boundaries of the project to its physical, human, and conceptual environment improves its quality and produces a sound basis for the project’s development. The firm sees the successful integration of the project into the public space as a condition for success, therefore, it is imperative to use knowledge and creative thought in order to find the overlap between public and entrepreneurial interests.

NCArchitects has extensive experience working with both public entities such as municipalities, local councils, government offices, and institutions associated with public buildings, as well as private entrepreneurial residential and commercial companies. We have successfully enhanced our ability, over the years, to test the design from these different perspectives and to ensure optimal compatibility between them.

In the field of residential design, we are engaged in both saturated residential planning and low density residential planning. We emphasize meticulous design from the apartment level to the building as a whole. We strive to incorporate programmatic demands, regulatory requirements, and spatial efficiency into the search for new ways to create additional planning parameters. We do this through defining a design language, referencing energetic and climactic concerns and sensitive treatment of the public space.

Urban renewal is at the center of our work; TAMA 38 projects, gentrification, and preparing new urban plans for residential development are tools we use to redefine urban space, address crowding, and improve land utilization.

These issues require two types of capabilities: knowledge, experience, and judgment on the one hand and creativity and daring design on the other. Today we are advancing a number of these projects, mainly in the cities of Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan.

Our firm has extensive experience in planning commercial buildings, from shopping mall design to small commercial centers on the neighborhood level.

Our work in recent years, with large and experienced entrepreneurial companies, requires a thorough understanding of the basic principles in commercial planning. NCArchitects is adept at addressing specific marketing needs and finding precise and elegant solutions for a variety of design problems.

In the field of public building design our firm specializes in planning educational and advanced learning environments: kindergartens, schools, and university complexes. Public design presents a special set of challenges arising from the great gap between the priority given to these projects on a national scale with the high priority we give these projects that represent the aspirations of its community to whom the structure "belongs".

A series of projects such as Porter School for the Environment at the University of Tel Aviv, Green Yavne, and Bitzaron Bridge over the Ayalon gives us considerable practical experience in green design, energy efficiency, healthy environment, saving resources, attention to social issues, and reducing the ecological footprint of the building. These and other issues are joined to redefine the relationship of the building and its surroundings. We at NCArchitects are engaged in practical applications of environmental theories that are on the public agenda and that will certainly change the way we design and see the world.

"Green Architecture" is a temporary definition designed to influence the economic and social parameters of environmental planning at its various levels. Eventually architecture will assimilate all these issues until there will be no need to differentiate the term "green architecture" and we will return to discussing only architecture and the need to provide an environment that can expand the human ability and experience as the center of the design profession.